The beauty of creation

Concerns about the constantly changing and uncertain world we live in can influence our emotional state and how our bodies function. We may feel distracted, vulnerable or desire escapism. 

How can we reconnect with ourselves, feel better equipped to face challenges and channel our energy into positive thoughts? 

Our activewear capsule ‘Beauty of Creation’ responds to these challenges. We explore ways to recharge whilst sleeping, feel empowered when exercising and focus the mind during down time.

The capsule is organised into three concepts:


Authenticity takes inspiration from our body and how the skin is constructed, functions and heals. How can we protect our skin and nurture it? How can we prevent the change of the skin structure caused by the ageing process, stress and exposure to sunlight, among other factors? 

We combine our findings on Langer lines (the natural orientation of wrinkle development) with health yarns that nourish the skin. The result is innovative concepts and developments for sleepwear: clothing and materials that are able to re-activate, heal and protect our skin. 


Augmented is based on a cross discipline whereby the use of machines enhance the ability of handmade techniques. Precise working methods and performance analysis lead to a more functional garment. This pleases intellectually as it is designed for purpose. 

Augmented garments enhance the wearer’s ability to perform. Advanced knitting techniques improve aerodynamics and buoyancy. Support, ventilation and compression give the wearer a ‘super human’ feeling.


Illusion combines hand, machine and technology expertise to manipulate the senses and achieve a desired imaginary outcome. Fabric, form, touch and colour of the product are exploited to create a beautiful conscious illusion. Textile stimuli trick our senses leading the user to experience escapism.

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